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1 Click on the image on the left to watch the initial 10 minutes of this technique in youtube. Trust me, it is easier to understand the method that way. Starting with an idea of what kind of car is wanted and a random scribble which will hopefully spark off some new ideas, this is the equivalent of a thumbnail sketch. Forms and graphics are added impulsively to increase the possibilities of something interesting happening.
2 When you reach a point where there are a few interesting things to be worked with you can begin defining some surfaces using an opaque brush which solidifies the form. Notice the forms are already there they just need bringing out.
3 Here was an opportunity to do something a bit different with the pillars. What inspires are the flowing lines that came about behind the front wheel on the front wing and above the rear wing.
4 Connecting some of the lines in the body side begins to simplify; more understandable forms come out. Also a theme with the flowing, ribbon-like lines of the pillars and front wing feature is recognisable.
5 Taking some of the character of the main features an exaggerated vent is put in with the same character. This kind of thing is added for fun and curiosity and often taken away at a later stage but this one is kept for the moment.
6 It is now time to get to grips with some things like the roof and start to clean up some lines. The bonnet isn't good up until now so the stronger bodyside line is swept over the headlamp area forming an asymmetrical grille. Some quick wheels go in which suit the theme of the whole car. The outline is cleaned up with a subtle shadow. Grille detail is added; what you want to do with the brand influence (Ford in this case) is especially important here.
7 Now the sketch is showing a fairly defined concept one last clean up is required, as is a simplification or removal of any things seen as unnecessary, such as the aggressive lower front grille. A blue overlaid airbrush is swept over the top to give some depth to the sketch. Also badges are put on the grille and wheels as an important detail to give an instant impression of the brand.
8 Time now to look back at the initial sketch and see if there is any character that has been lost which should have been kept. In this case there was a volume on the sill behind the front wheel which was balancing the form of the rear window. An aerodynamic fin is added to re-capture that. Finally a pale yellow overlaid airbrush gives it a little more reality, wheel badges go in along with subtle reflections on the bodywork. In the end you should have a defined sketch containing fresh ideas. Click on the image for a larger version.