BMW Sports Coupe by Dániel Végh

Dániel sent me this presentation rendering with his design sitting in a composite photo/texture background. He has been making some excellent progress with rendering and this one is blended quite nicely with the background, even reflecting it in the bodywork. There are still areas that need to be improved, mainly in the proportion and tension of the design but these can be overcome when priority is given to these before rendering.




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Possible Interpretation

The proportions were a little uncertain in Dániel's sketch but I chose to follow the coupe route due to the overall height, although it could also become a supercar. The pronounced front wings are still there, as is the upward bulge in the beltline. I felt that this and the wing features were the defining themes and are what I based my interpretation on. I tried to add a lot of tension to the lines which I felt was missing in the original sketch, as well as adding some character to the front and shortening the rear overhang slightly. The wraparound windscreen remains as does the line flowing from the front wing into the mirror.