Ferrari 599 by Zakariya Al-Abdouh

Zakariya sent me a some simple pencil sketches of a Ferrari design he's been working on. This one has had good consideration given to the wheel ellipses which are roughly correct, and proportions and detail such as on the grille and badge which make the car instantly recognisable as a front-engine GT Ferrrari.

The design has yet to be developed into a rendered sketch to show interesting surfaces and form more clearly so I have made a possible interpretation that attempts this. The main references for my sketch were the narrow headlamps,"V" shape running down the front of the bonnet and through the three-part lower aperture, and the bonnet/hood feature lines.

I've tried to show a lot of form in my quick rendered sketch to illustrate what I mean by interesting surfaces. The effect of this is also to make the car look a bit less heavy and more sporting which is the character Ferraris have been returning to lately. I feel that the straighter and flatter sides on Zakariya's sketch are slightly too restrained for the type of car, although in criticism of my own sketch I think the form is slightly too exaggerated and may be more appropriate to a smaller sports car, such as a Lotus.



Possible Interpretation