Jaguar by Jordan Cornille

Jordan told me he was getting comfortable with drawing cars in side view and asked for some feedback. I replied that because 3D sketching is so important to master as a designer, he should at least make an attempt at some 3D sketching before I made any comments.

As you can see, he did exactly that so first of all full credit to Jordan for taking on the challenge of breaking out of his comfort zone in order to develop and improve. Secondly, the three dimensional form is there, so well done. However the view is more isometric than true 3D with perspective. This is a pretty common thing for people to do when they just start switching from elevation or side views and is quite easy to fix.



Feedback Comments

Shown below in green are the rough perspective guide lines of my sketch. In red are the lines of Jordan's original underlay. Notice how the red lines are completely parallel and flat - this is leading to the "isometric" look in the sketches and takes away a lot of realism from the design.

Also notice how the grille and headlamps on my overlay sketch are different from Jordan's. Perspective means that these will move over (on the page) to the right slightly, and because the front of cars is more rounded than flat. When sketching is 3D you must learn to distort the sketch - to foreshorten the elements that are further away and make them slightly smaller as happens in real life. If you look at the centreline in my sketch, notice how the right-hand part of the windcreen is smaller than the left - this is because it is further away and therefore, visually, it shrinks. The same is true for every part of the car on the right of the centreline. Don't panic if this does not make sense to you straight away! With practice, that includes copying real life cars, you will soon get a feel for it and it will happen naturally.

Make sure you either flip the image horizontally in the computer (as I have done here) or hold your paper up to the light and look through the back side of it to achieve the same thing. This will freshen your perspective and help you to notice mistakes in the construction and perspective of your sketch. Correct the flipped image then flip it back again to make sure it still looks right in both views.

Possible Interpretation

I combined elements of both the above sketches to create my version. For example the smaller and more Jaguar-like grille of the left-hand sketch combined with the more agressively angled headlamps of the right-hand sketch, which has a more Audi-like grille to my eyes.

I very loosely rendered the pencil sketch and kept the pencil lines very visible to help you understand how they are used as guides during the shading and highlighting.