BMW coupe by Gökhan Eryigit

Obviously Gökhan has already reached a fairly high standard of sketching and rendering ability, demonstrated by this very descriptively shaded and well constructed BMW coupe.

The surface language is quite edgy with creased surfaces and crisp intersections. My main comment would be that maybe the silhouette/outline of the car could be smoothed off and refined slightly so that the surfaces still appear to have plenty of form and flow even though they intersect sharply.


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Possible Interpretation

I thought Gökhan's design could be a 3 or possibly even a 5-series so have taken the opportunity to do sketch a 5-series coupe, fill out the rear end and overall give a softer more voluminous feel as a contrast to the original theme.

In truth I think my sketch has become too soft and in further development would try and recapture more of the character of the original, especially the upturned "shelf" bumper which is an interesting feature.