Coupe by Ruben Keren

Ruben has used mainly traditional methods to render this loose sketch of a sleek 3-door coupe. The rendering has been very successful with a very good reflection effect on the bodywork of the car. Although the sketch is loose and rough, the black marker has a nice clean edge to it and this is what shows the surface to be smooth and shiny.

Fading out the blue pastel into the pale yellow in the background has enhanced the effect further. This imitates the different sky tones of a sunset or sunrise and gives extra realism. In addition, the warm tones on the lower bodyside represent ground reflection and this enhances the form even more.


Feedback Comments

Top marks to Ruben for rendering but the underlying sketch has a couple of issues which can be easily fixed

1. The ellipse of the rear wheel is too narrow, suggesting a very wide angle/fisheye perspective which doesn't match the body of the car.

2. In this view the car looks to be sloping down into the bottom left corner of the page (or if you prefer, the front right headlamp of the car) which is a result of not quite keeping to the perspective lines which run across it.

3. The front wheel would probably benefit from a little pastel; nothing complicated is necessary but the front wheel is currently a white disc which stands out very strongly against the subtle bodywork shading.

Overall I was impressed with this sketch and with just a few improvements to construction it could be even better.


Possible Interpretation

I thought Ruben's design could be a Holden so I worked on that theme to try and produce a slightly more muscular, cab-forward coupe with the raised haunches of the original sketch. I also sculpted the shape a little more around the front end in an attempt to add some more character.

A few things here try to raise the presentation level - something to look at for the next stage of development. The grille slats, badge, wheel form, headlamp detail tyre tread, wing mirror and doorhandle don't take long to draw in but can make designs more convincing and easy to digest. Ruben's image however is a good example of a nice level of detail for a quick initial sketch.