Exploration Vehicle by Magomed Oumalaev

Something a little more advanced - a future concept vehicle speedpainted in a dramatic perspective. With very large outboard wheels for a strong stance, almost like a racing car, the concept is an "asymmetric, soviet inspired exploration vehicle", according to Magomed.

This composition is dramatic, the style is loose and dynamic and the surreal colour scheme adds to the conceptual feel. The blue mid-tone background is reflected very effectively in the shiny bodywork, showing the form off. The red tail-lamp and wheel spokes are the perfect contrasting accent to really grab the attention. The use of a textured brush, as on the bodywork here, is something I cover in one of my tutorials and gives a slightly more utilitarian impression.




Possible Interpretation

I tried a version of the same design stretched over a more sporting proportion which was inspired by the outboard wheel position. I added a light yellow overlay just to create a warm spot in the near/focal area and also a vertical background gradient to give the impression of the vehicle being illuminated.