Lancia Sports-Wagon by Carlos Palacios

This softly rounded and muscular design from Carlos is rendered to a high level of detail in a flat perspective with some very effective highlights and reflections. The straight character line running down the body-side gives the car some strength and helps to hold all the other much softer lines together. The effect of movement is given by the motion-blurred background and radially-blurred wheels.

The main thing to notice here is to do with the basic layout - that the rear wheel is looking slightly too squashed. There is usually a slight foreshortening effect on the far wheel in a perspective view but if it is exaggerated then the same exaggeration should be applied to the bodywork also.

Overall a very well defined and rendered sketch clearly communicating the design strongly.


Possible Interpretation

In my interpretation I have attempted to strengthen the design further by using slightly less curved lines which straighten out more (or "speed up") and suggest some tension. I also tried to give the design some more brand identitiy and character by adding a Lancia-style grille and badge, along with a little more volume to the front suggesting a front-wheel drive layout. I have tried to keep the character of the sloping feature line and faded it into and out of the front wheel-arch.