BMW M3 CS by Matteo Petraglio

Matteo has produced a refined but mean-looking coupe with soft surface treatment which has all been rendered with great command of light, shadow and tone to give the impression of a very solid looking form.

This is a fine example of an initial sketch being refined in the rendering stage into a balanced, symmetrical and resolved design which sits comfortably and carries lots of impact as a reult.

I think there was the suggestion of some very interesting surfaces, forms and details happening on Matteo's pen sketch at the bottom of the page. Some of these could be developed into another proposal which I have attempted below.




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Possible Interpretation

Matteo's rendered design was already quite nicely resolved proportionally so I've taken inspiration from some of the themes of his other sketch (below) including the bonnet interrupting the grille, mean headlamps and aggressive lower air intakes.




Matteo's pen sketch