Maserati Corse by Matteo Petraglio

Matteo is making excellent and fast progress which can mainly be seen in the first sketch below. Perspective, wheels and proportion are all almost perfect. For my interpretation I didn't need to change the sketch at all to use it as an underlay. Line quality is also very good and a real sign of growing confidence and expertise.



The black rendering below shows Matteo's familiar soft but precise style and has a very nice feel to it with solid surface communication. It retains the feel of the original sketch very well and there are some nice touches such as the wheel-spoke highlights and the white band graphic which acts as a surface contour and helps to communicate the form of the long, drooping nose.


Here we see some experimenting with a looser and faster style which captures tone, light and overall form nicely. There is some loss of line-quality here which means the design doesn't have as much impact in this version. The line quality will improve when Matteo is able to use flowing and bold strokes, as on the initial pencil sketch, in the rendering stage.


Possible Interpretation

As mentioned before the original underlay sketch was used directly for this rendered sketch which tries to retain the original character but adds some slightly harder surfaces as a possible alternative. Personally, now looking at the result I think I prefer the softer and more rounded nose suggested in the original sketches.