Ferrari F60 by Patrick Sohn

Patrick sent me this dramatic Ferrari sketch which shows his confidence and appreciation of visual impact and strong attention to detail and form communication. There are some excellent points in this sketch such as the clear silhouette and sophisticated use of rendering using reflections especially around the front end.

The main areas for improvement are towards the rear of the car. The rear wheel suffers from some perspective issues and the feature lines which Patrick has rendered very carefully are just a little to complex for a clean strong design. My advice would be to remove most of the curve from the line running above the sill air intake.



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Possible Interpretation

My interpretation sketch focuses on the theme of the long swooping line which begins at the front grille/intake and ends at the rear intake/doorhandle. Along with needing a simpler the body-side I felt the front of Patrick's design was slightly heavy looking for a mid-engine "FXX" Ferrari so I pinched it slightly and brought the front to more of a point so that is looks less like a front-engine GT in proportion.