Mercedes CL by Samuel Su

Using a black and white colour scheme to show off his strong sense of graphic and clear design intent, Samuel created this refined but dramatic coupe using very good perspective, wheel ellipses and proportion.

It is quite difficult to render cars in white because the shading required on the bodywork is very subtle but this example has it pretty much spot on which just enough contrast for the highlights to stand out but not too much that the car starts to appear silver. The strong contrast is reserved for the shadowed areas, which means the image still has plenty of impact.

There is a slightly confusing reflection on the windscreen which is an extension of the reflection running down the hood, but is just a little too complicated in my opinion. I think it could easily be fixed however just by bending the reflection so that it fits the contours of the glass. The side glass reflection is simpler and works very effectively, curving with the glass and seeming to pick up the light environment.

Overall this is another very good example of how getting the basics right will achieve a real impact and give the design genuine credibility and professionalism.




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Possible Interpretation

There is nothing wrong with the side-intake proportion on Samuel's design but just to try something new I have altered it on this sketch to show more of the basic body-side surface. This possibly creates a slightly more solid and heavy feel and also changes the intake porportion to more closely match the front intake.