Peugeot Coupe by Maximilian Troicher

Max has used a number of special effects on this polished rendering of a front-engine sports coupe with flared wheelarches, two-tone bodywork and a window in the hood through which the engine is visible. By applying a motion blur to the background and a radial blur to the wheels, he has made the car look like it is speeding along a highway. The image is further dramatised with a lens-flare placed just behind the rear wing and long shadows as if the sun is setting in the distance.

My main comment on this sketch is a compositional one. The eye tends to fall first on the "brightest" part of an image, in other words, the strongest highlight. The focal area of this design is the front three-quarter of the car with its careful detailing therefore it might be worth considering placing the highlight on that area to increase the overall impact, instead of behind the car which, while effective, almost creates two focal points and less clarity and visual impact.



Possible Interpretation

With this interpretation I have tried to concentrate on the two tone bodywork panels and the possibility I saw in Max's design that the upper body-side could be overlapping the lower as a separate panel. I felt this was enough interest in itsef so removed the bonnet window feature to allow the surface to be as clean as possible in contrast to the complex sides.

Additionally I tried to make some of the lines slightly tighter and more elegant so that the character would be more like some of my favourite Peugots of the past - that's just my taste though.