Ferrari by Ronald Will

This is about as high a level of rendering you can get, professional or otherwise. The form and detail definition is so good that almost nothing is left to the imagination and a lot of time and dedication has been put into the illustration, which is a great lesson and reference for us all.

Nowadays it would be unusual for such detail to be rendered in such a manual way in the studio so don't imagine that you need to reach this standard of finish in order to be producing work of professional-level, although it wouldn't do any harm!

Most importantly there is a strong design theme here which has been clearly communicated. I have still provided my own opinions, feedback and interpretation as to how I might begin to develop it, although I obviously haven't reached the same level of finish and realism with my quick sketch/overlay.

Overall the line quality and tension is good although there is a slight wobble on the side window's lower edge which is "melting" into the body-side. I feel that the separate front and rear wing volumes are a little too equal which gives a slight doubt as to whether the car is coming or going; this is not a big issue on some cars but with sports cars there is usually plenty more thrust and aggression to the stance.

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