Coupe by Bart de Graaff

Bart is continuing to develop his sketching skills on original designs and seems to be making a definite improvement in terms of proportion, wheel ellipses and perspective. These are three of the most important basic skills to master so my advice is to keep improving those areas.

It is a sure sign of confidence that Bart is adding highlights and special effects such as headlamp and tail lamp glow. Be careful not to let things like this hide the design however - I feel the blue headlamp glow is hiding the shape and design of the lamp itself in this sketch. Keep trying special effects if they inspire you but just be aware that the communication of the design is always the most important thing.

Overall this is a great improvement so keep it up Bart.




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Possible Interpretation

Bart designs for his own brand, "Bartz", but in my interpretation sketch I have used the VW brand as this was what the front grille and badge most reminded me of.