Sedan Coupe by Bart de Graaff

Another big improvement shown here by Bart in this design for a large sedan-based coupe.



Feedback Comments

The sketch has nice clear outlines to the important areas of glass, headlamps, lower grille, wheels and overall outline. This clarity really helps give impact and a feeling of the design being easy to understand.

There is a nice level of consistency to the detailing and nothing has been "overworked" which gives the impression that it has been sketched efficiently using a technique that is designed for presenting lots of ideas is a short amount of time.


Possible Interpretation

Looking at its overall proportion and surface language this car could be a Nissan Skyline and that is what I based my sketch on using Bart's sketch as an underlay. I have added a bit more sculpture to the front end using roughly the same grille/headlamp graphic as the original sketch.The body-side is also simplified slightly and the shoulder line on the door in-between the sharp creases on the wings has been softened to add some solidity to the overall sharp character.