Audi R8 by Ahmed Khadimallah

Another nice pencil rendering, this R8 is a depiction of an existing car with a slight facelift which is something I recommend as a good exercise. As with many of you Ahmed sent me a few drawings but I picked this out to begin with as it showed how even the nicest rendering can be affected by the small errors in the basic elements.

The bodyside and glasshouse in particular are rendered very well and with a great deal of sensitivity.

The only real fault is that the wheels are slightly wrongly angled, just distracting from the sense of realistic perspective.

Just as a suggestion rather than a criticism; although very nicely rendered, the window reflections are a little distracting. This is because the tonal values, colour and texture are the same as the bodywork. In my interpretation below I have shown how I would give a darker value, at least to the windscreen, in order to see it and the A-pillar more easily. Ahmed could achieve the same thing by going back and lightly shading over the glass areas. The darker bodyside panel behind the air intake is a good reference for this.

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